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Thank you...

Our 2019 International Sheep Dog Trials which were held at Shandford, Brechin were another year of great success. The dedication and hard work of the Local Committee and Committee Members was outstanding, and we are so grateful too of the support that so many additional friends, family and volunteers provided to make this trial so successful. We really do appreciate the precious time that you give up.

Local Trials Committee

Ian Brownlie, Wendy Wright, Colin Maitland-Gardner, Kara Craig, Fiona McMillan, Aileen Pearson, Peter Martin and Jacquie L'Etang

Committee Members

Ian Brownlie, Steven Alexander, Wendy Wright, Graeme Mather Snr, Graeme Mather Jnr, Jock MacKenzie, Jock Fotheringham, Jean Fotheringham, Aileen Pearson, Helen Smith, Duncan Beaton, Mary Caul, Heather McFarlane, Stewart McFarlane, Mike Watt, Colin Maitland-Gardiner, Elaine Wilkie, Alan Wilkie, Joyce Carnegie, Andy Carnegie, Kara Craig, Annette Olosson, Duncan Adams, Rory Hood, Donald Hood, Rab Brand, Ian Rimmer, Ian Wilkie, Lyndsay Nelson, Scott Macaulay and Jimmy Ogston

Thank you to the singles and brace Judges, Idris Thomas, Richard Smith, Thomas Doherty, Willie Tod, Stan Harden, Mick Schofield, Toddy Lambe and Andy Carnegie for their time and dedication during the long hours spent watching each and every run.

Thank you to our Course Directors, Ian Fleming and Mike Watt.

Thank you to our Commentators Fiona McMillan, Colin Maitland-Gardner, Iain McDonald and Kara Craig for keeping us informed and entertained throughout the three days.

Thank you to our Time Keepers, M Caul, J Hastie, R Hood, M Hunt, H MacFarlane and S MacFarlane.

Thank you to Elaine Hossack, Arlene Parvin, Emma Parvin, Jake Reid, Fiona McKay, Don Coutts, Holly Brown, Tanya Brown, Jane Cameron, Mary Hunt, Neil Rimmer, Callum Rimmer, Mhairi Dempster, Dave Shepherd, Sharon Rimmer, Jen Rimmer, Jill Muir, Craig Rimmer, Frankie Moore, Kara Beatie, Pete Hart, Alistair Stewart and Stewart Fraser, the family, friends and volunteers of the committee that gave up their time to help wherever needed and manning the car park and gates.

We can not thank the Mather family enough for allowing us to host the 2019 International on their land, such a beautiful location for an International, and one that provided a challenging trial. In addition we thank them for the loan of the sheep.

A huge thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors, without their support the trial just wouldn't take place.

Thank you also to all of the trade and craft stands that joined us, we hope that they enjoyed being at the trial as much as we enjoyed having them there. Some of them certainly did have to battle with the weather to keep their stands in place, it wasn't easy at times.

Thank you to all the ISDS staff for the behind the scenes preparation and support of the trial.

Thank you and congratulations to all the competitors and their dogs, we were provided with fantastic, thrilling entertainment throughout the trial. 

Finally, thank you to everybody that attended and supported the trial, we hope that you had a wonderful time, and we look forward to seeing you all in Wales in 2020! 


2019 International Trial Field - View from the top of the field

Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar