Congratulations to the Welsh team, the following handlers will be representing Wales at the 2014 International at Kilbegnett in County Roscommon:

  1. Team Captain – Medwyn Evans with Meg
  2. Alan Jones with Beca
  3. Kevin Evans with Greg
  4. Arwyn Davies with Moel Floss
  5. Medwyn Evans with Jan
  6. Kevin Evans with Jimmy
  7. Stan Harden with Bob
  8. Jeff Evans with Spot
  9. Aled Owen with Llangwym Cap
  10. Nigel Watkins with Molly
  11. David Howells with Jaimie
  12. Alun Jones with Kate
  13. Gwyn Jones with Roy
  14. Emrys Lewis with Glen
  15. Gwyn Owen with Roy

Reserve Team member – Bryn Davies with Roy

  1. Welsh Brace winner – Kevin Evans with Greg & Kim
  2. Brace Runner-up - John Griffith with Bob & Moss