The Handlers & Teams


Singles Championship


Scottish National Team

National Champion Jock Welsh with Tanhill Sam

Stuart Davidson with Gilliglen Queen

Ian Brownlie with Lia

Murray McTier with Dan

Michael Shearer with Tib

Duncan Robertson with Joe

Billy Common with Grit

Fraser Shannon with Spot

Andy Carnegie with Jess

Ross Henderson with Jude

Neil Gillon with Sweep

Alan Wilkie with Mot

Stuart Davidson with Lexie

David Murray with Sweep

John MacKillop with Zak

Res Peter Martin with Jill


Welsh National Team

National Champion T A D Davies with Peg

B Behr with Bendigedig Leni

A L Owen with Glenys

J L Bowen with Roy 

Ll Harries with Preseli Fly

Dr K G Broad with Kinloch Cade

A L Evans with Zac

E L Morgan with Spot

M Jones with Meg

R F M Ellis with Tod

D J M Evans with Lass

D J M Evans with Kemi Maid

I L Evans with Gwnnws Bob

A L Owen with Caleb

D K Evans with Hybeck Blake

Res D M Howells with Rock


English National Team

National Champion Ricky Hutchinson with Jock

David Wood with Polly

Nij Vyas with Mist

Thomas H Huddleston with Udlae Olá

James Dumbleton with Sid

Ed Hawkins with Treflys Rob

Timothy Longton with Rooten Brook Ben

Jed T Watson with Bob

Paul Johnson with Groesfaen Sam

Shirley Barcroft with Beechwood Ben

Jim Cropper with Gil

Thomas H Huddleston with Udale Murray

Vic Morris with Gwyn

James S Howard with Lad

Steven Duckworth with Bert

Res Michael Longton with Treflys Gwyn


Irish National Team

National Champion M Gallagher with Val

M Lettner with Glen

J F Maginn with Kate

A Lyttle with Twm

F Cashen with Mist

J P McGee with Glencregg Silver

S Mosse with Bob

T Lambe with Ben

J P McGee with Jess

T A O'Sullivan with North Hill Tess

M Feeney with Bob

M N O'Malley with Gwenno

J McLaughlin with Dan

P J Gallagher with Jess

M Hopkins with Templmoyle Cain

Res J McCloskey with Bob


Brace Championship


Scottish Brace Competitors

George Gardner with Meg and Nan

Res Julie Hill with Molly and Sid


Welsh Brace Competitors

D K Evans with Derwen Doug and Knockmaa Bec

Res E I Jones with Meg and Ted


English Brace Competitors

Ricky Hutchinson with Denwyn Moya and Jock

Res Jim Cropper with Gil and Dan


Irish Brace Competitors

J F Maginn with Kate and Lad

Res C McGarry with Cora and Tara


Driving Championship



Michael Shearer with Tib


T A D Davies with Peg


James Dumbleton with Sid


M Gallgher with Val


Young Handler Competition



Mure Grant with Cashlie (ROM)


Elin Hope with Meg


Robert Harrison with Lad


Sam Fagan with Quories Craig