2019 International Trial



Photo courtesy of Martin Mann

2019 International Sheep Dog Trials

Shandford, Fern, Brechin

The Mather family moved from the West coast to Brechin in the 1920s, came to Balmadity in the 1030s, and Shandford in the 1940s. The family farm is run in partnership by mother Mary (Snr); sons William, David and Graeme, and grandsons Scott, Grant and Graeme (Jnr); with Alastair hoping to join the partnership shortly. The Mathers also employ two full-time staff Jack Florence, who has been working there for more than 20 years, and Lyndsay Nelson who started as ring-link apprentice three years ago and is now full-time. The farm also contracts shepherds for two flocks of Blackface sheep, one flock of wethers for Glenogil Ltd and one flock of ewes for Careston Ltd.

The farm comprises 240 hectares cereals, 500 hectares grass, fodder beet and swedes and 1000 hectares of hill grazing. Beef and sheep are all brought through to finish. Breeds are Aberdeen Angus, Charolais and Simmental bulls. Sheep include Suffolk, Texel, Beltex, Charollais.