The Handlers & Teams


Singles Championship


English National Team

National Champion Sergio Perello Galdon with Murguia Jim

James Dumbleton with Sid

Timothy Longton with Rooten Brook Roy

James Howard with Bill

Jim Cropper with Dan

David Henderson with Star

Vic Morris with Bob

David Bristow with Nell

Toby Bulgin with Mist

Jim Scrivin with Treflys Taff

Mark Hallam with Upland Cap

Micahel Glasgow with FInn

Briam Bell with Hutch

Thomas Longton with Maya

Ricky Hutchinson with Jock

Reserve Jackie Goulder with Chap (ROM)


Irish National Team

National Champion Paul O'Donnell with Limber

James James Mc Laughlin with Ben 

Paddy Fanning with Bruce

James McCloskey with Sweep

Franky McCullough with Spot

John Brennan with York

James P Mc Gee with Glencregg Silver

Aidan P Gallagher with Cain

Wilton Goligher with Moss

James P Mcgee with Ardagh Maid

Con Mcgarry with Tara

Simon Mosse with Dunedin Peg

Joey Walsh with Peg

James McLaughlin with Dan

Ned O'keeffe with Dunedin Tina

Reserve William Gallagher with Moss


Scottish National Team

National Champion Fraser Shennan with Mia

Ross Henderson with Jude

Chloe Cropper with Fly

Jimmy Menzies with Balemund Ted

Peter Martin with Daisy

Neil McVicar with Mist

Alastair McKenzie with Jess

Stewart McCrindle with Kate

Andy Carnegie with Linburn Rook

Alasdair Mundell with Taff

Neil Gillon with Sweep

Bobby Henderson with Tweed

Billy Common with Grit

Alastair Stewart with Tweed

Stuart Davidson with Queen

Reserve Neil Campbell with Cass


Welsh National Team

National Champion A Owen with Llangwm Cap

D K Evans Preseli Ci

D M Howells with Rosk

A Owen with Llangwn Glesni

L Williams with Catterlen Pip

A L Evans with Zac

M Jones with Nan

Dr A Driscoll with Kinloch Pippi

R F M Ellis with Spot

T Morgan with Kennox Tess

D K Evans with Ace

R F M Ellis Bronallt Sweep

L N Watkins with Ben

A Roberts with Sam

R Games with Joe

Reserve B McConnell with Larkhill Mel



Brace Championship


England Brace Competitors

Ricky Hutchinson with Denwyn Moya and Jock

Katy Cropper with Tsarvo and Zac


Irish Brace Competitors

John F Maginn with Lad and Kate

Con McGarry with Tara and Cora


Scottish Brace Competitors

Alastair McKenzie with Bhoy and Mist

George Gardiner with Meg and Nan


Welsh Brace Competitors

Gethin Jones with Fran and Maddie

Brian McConnell with Roy and Sky



Driving Championship



Tim Longton with Rooten Brook Roy



Paddy Fanning with Bruce



Ross Henderson with Jude



Aled Owen with Llangwm Cap


Young Handler Competition



Henry Harrison with Gunnerwell Skye



Caolon Byrne with Ava



Farquhar Renwick with Fly (ROM)



Erin McNaught with Quories Moxy