***PLEASE NOTE - Online Grandstand Seat Ticket Sales have now closed.
The remaining seat tickets will be available to purchase from the Local Secretary at the Trial***

Online grandstand bookings will close shortly – book now to secure your 3-day seat.



Buy a Ticket

£30 – 3 day ticket

£13 – 1 day ticket (Friday, Saturday)

£15 – 1 day ticket (Sunday)


3-day Grandstand seat tickets are on sale now for this year’s International Trial. You can select and book your seats for all three days.

What you get to see from the grandstand

Views of the trials field from the Grandstands

The View From Windrush

The view From Leach

The view from Coln

The view from Cherwell

Here's a view of the course if you don't buy a grandstand ticket! OK that's not really true, it's a little joke, everyone will have a view of the course. However, the superior views will be found in the grandstands. It's well worth buying a ticket, please purchase them as early as possible, it will be a good option for avoiding sun/rain/sleet/snow/wind.