Day 3 - Supreme

Updates from the trial will be posted here.

PLEASE NOTE: No scores from the Supreme will be posted during the day. The results will be anounced at the presentations at the end of competition.





The Supreme results


Supreme champion, Ricky Hutchinson, Jock, Judges’ points 528, Merit points 58.5;

2, Ricky Hutchinson, Sweep, 513, 55.5;

3, Nigel Watkins, Tanhill Alex, 516, 53.5;

4, Jonny Cremin, Sally, 497, 48.5;

5, Frankie McCullough, Cap, 417, 42;

6, Glyn Jones, Cap, 41, 415;

7, Sergio Perello, Murguia Jim, 391, 37;

8, Allistair Lyttle, Scott, 309, 31;

9, Stan Harden, Cass, 301, 28.5;

10, Jed Watson, Jake, 291, 24.5;

Equal 11, James McCaffrey, Mey, Ret, 12;

Allistair Lyttle, Jim, Ret, 12;

Bobby Henderson, Skid, DQ, 12;

Kevin Evans, Ace, DQ, 12;

Angie Driscoll, Kinloch Pippi, DQ, 12.


Supreme champion and reserve champion, Ricky Hutchinson with Jock and Sweep. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Gilpa's Irvin Werrett with Supreme champion, Ricky Hutchinson. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Brace champion, Sammy Long with Roy and Jaybeez Broozer. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Welsh National President Eirean Morgan with the team shield. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Young handler winner, Logan Williams with Ned. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Irvin Werrett with brace champion Sammy Long. PICTURE: Lisa Soar



Supreme running order


1, Nigel Watkins, Tanhill Alex (Wales);

2, Glyn Jones, Cap (Wales);

3, Jed Watson, Jake (England);

4, Stan Harden, Cass (Wales);

5, Ricky Hutchinson, Jock (England);

6, Jonny Cremin, Sally (Ireland);

7, Frankie McCullough, Cap (Ireland);

8, James McCaffrey, Mey (Ireland);

9, Bobby Henderson, Skid (Scotland);

10, Sergio Perello, Murguia Jim (England);

11, Allistair Lyttle, Jim (Ireland);

12, Kevin Evans, Ace (Wales);

13, Ricky Hutchinson, Sweep (England);

14, Allistair Lyttle, Scott (Ireland);

15, Angie Driscoll, Kinloch Pippi (Wales).


After two exciting days of qualifying runs, all the talk is now about the Supreme and the challenge of the double gather course at Lodge Park.

The first gather will be to the left and the dogs will have to cross a stream before running up the hill, ideally on the left of an avenue of trees. There is a gap at the top where the dogs can cut through and come around to lift the sheep. 

The sheep will need to be brought down across the field and across a bridge at the bottom of the valley. They will then come back onto the field used for the qualifiers, where the fetch and drive gates are situated. 

The dogs will then need to turn back to the right to gather the second packet from the top right hand corner of the field. Neither gather will be easy and will test the skills of handler and dog.

The second packet will also need to be brought down across the bridge.

The sheep have worked well for the first two days, but have been tricky at-hand. The Supreme shedding could be a challenge. The Mule ewes have also needed some persuasion at the pen and have stood and stamped at the dogs and been brazen with ignoring the efforts of the handlers to turn them in.

Whatever the outcome at the end of the day, the course promises an exciting final ahead!


The four young handlers will also run today and there will be the Driving Championship.



Brace championship


The 2017 International brace champion is Sammy Long with Roy and Jaybeez Broozer. 

The reserve champion is Brian McConnell with Sky and Roy.




Sergio Perello's Murguia Jim. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


English National President, Dick Roper. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


As well as the action on the field, there is also a craft tent and trade stands on site, as well as catering vans and a bar. The climbing wall and face painting have been proving popular with kids. PICTURE: Lisa Soar