Day 2 - Qualifying

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Qualifying trial results


1, Ricky Hutchinson, Sweep, 391;

2, Bobby Henderson, Skid, 379, OLF 176;

3, Nigel Watkins, Tanhill Alex, 379, OLF 172;

4, Jonny Cremin, Sally, 364;

5, Kevin Evans, Ace, 362, OLF 172;

6, Stan Harden, Cass, 362, OLF 161;

7, Angie Driscoll, Kinloch Pippi, 361, OLF 167, D 99;

8, Glyn Jones, Cap, 361, OLF 167, D 98;

9, Sergio Perello, Murguia Jim, 361, OLF 164;

10, Ricky Hutchinson, Jock, 360;

11, Frankie McCullough, Cap, 359;

12, James McCaffrey, Mey, 358, OLF 173;

13, Allistair Lyttle, Scott, 358, OLF 163;

14, Allistair Lyttle, Jim, 357;

15, Jed Watson, Jake, 356.


There are two handlers through to the Supreme with two dogs – Ricky Hutchinson with Sweep and Jock, and Allistair Lyttle with Scott and Jim.

There are five Irish and five Welsh dogs into the Supreme. England has qualified with four dogs. Scotland has one representative, Bobby Henderson with Skid. 


Brace championship


The 2017 International brace champion is Sammy Long with Roy and Jaybeez Broozer. 

The reserve champion is Brian McConnell with Sky and Roy.



Qualifying trial winners, Ricky Hutchinson and Sweep. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Society Patron, HRH The Princess Royal presented the Wilkinson Sword award to John Carter this afternoon, during her visit to the trial. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Allistair Lyttle is into tomorrow's Supreme with both his dogs, Scott (pictured) and Jim. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Ricky Hutchinson's Sweep turns the ewes around the podium. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Ireland's Jonny Cremin and Sally qualified for the Supreme today. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Princess Anne with ISDS Chairman, Tom Huddleston. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Two-year-old Jemima Elliott and her dog Agnes were enjoying their day out at the International. PICTURE: Lisa Soar



There were some showers, but lots of sunshine on day two of the International. PICTURE: Lisa Soar