Day 3 - Supreme

News from the Supreme will be posted here.

The scores will not be posted online - final results will be announced during the presentation at the end of trialling!





2016 International Supreme champions, Kevin Evans and Preseli Ci. PICTURE: Lisa Soar



The Supreme final results were:

Supreme Champion, Kevin Evans, Preseli Ci, 614, 58 merit points;

Reserve champion, James McLaughlin, Dan, 613, 58 merit points;

3, Ross Games, Roy, 577, 50 merit points;

4, Medwyn Evans, Mac, 574, 50 merit points;

5, Alan Ll. Jones, Spot, 543, 41.5 merit points;

6, Kevin Evans, Kemi Ross, 538, 40 merit points;

7, Kelvin Broad, Kinloch Levi, 532, 36 merit points;

8, Michael Shearer, Jim, 523, 34.5 merit points;

9, Mosse Magnusson, Myllin Davey, 499, 25 merit points;

10, Ricky Hutchinson, Jock, 498, 24 merit points;

11, James McCloskey, Sweep, 494, 22.5 merit points;

12, Ben Smith, Ben, 485, 15 merit points;

13, Ricky Hutchinson, Sweep, 484, 13.5 merit points;

14, Martin Feeney, Jack, 356, 8 merit points;

15, Medwyn Evans, Meg, Ret, 4 merit points.


Brace champion, Julie Hill, Mac and Ban, 411;

Runner-up, Peter Martin, Jill and Jen, 370.


Driving champion: Aled Owen and Llangwm Cap.



Brace champion, Julie Hill with Mac and Ban. PICTURES: Lisa Soar


Drving champion, Aled Owen, Welsh President Eirean Morgan and Supreme champion, Kevin Evans.


The 2016 International young handlers (from left), Rhion Owen, Tom Blease, winner Caolan Byrne and Alexander Kent.



The Supreme was run in catalogue order as follows:

1, Kevin Evans, Preseli, Ci;

2, Ben Smith, Ben;

3, Ross Games, Roy;

4, Mosse Magnusson, Myllin Davey;

5, Ricky Hutchinson, Jock;

6, Kevin Evans, Kemi Ross;

7, Alan Ll. Jones, Spot;

8, Michael Shearer, Jim;

9, Medwyn Evans, Meg;

10, Ricky Hutchinson, Sweep;

11, Martin Feeney, Jack;

12, Kelvin Broad, Kinloch Levi;

13, James McCloskey, Sweep;

14, Medwyn Evans, Mac;

15, James McLaughlin, Dan.


Trialling is due to start at 8am on the last day of the 2016 International. As well as the Supreme final, there will be the young handlers' competition and the driving championship.

The young handlers, aged under 21, will take the stage at lunchtime. This year's representatives are Rhion Owen and Ross (Wales); Tom Blease and Queen (England); Caolan Byrne and Dan (Ireland); and Alexander Kent and Cass (Scotland). There will be a draw for the running order and they will be judged by the four National Presidents.

The driving championship will be contested between Aled Owen and Llangwm Cap; Ricky Hutchinson and Sweep; James McCloskey and Sweep; and Neil Gillon and Sweep. This will take place at the end of the day before the presentations. 



Some shots from around the field. PICTURES: Lisa Soar