Day 2 - Qualifying

News from day two of the International will be posted here.

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There will be another 28 singles runs today to conclude the qualifying round. The overall top 15 from the first two days will compete in the Supreme final tomorrow.

Kevin Evans will be first to the post once again, this time running Kemi Ross.

There will also be four more brace runs today.

As well as the trials, there are a number of marquees and trade stands on the field. There is also vintage machinery on display and a YFC tug-of-war competition willl take place this eveining at 6pm.

Trialling started just before 8am. There was quite a lot of rain overnight, but it's a dry start this morning.

Kevin Evans and Kemi Ross posted a score of 389 with the first run. The standard of running this morning has not been as high as yesterday. There has only been a slight breeze but it is in a different direction to yesterday and some people are wondering if some of the dogs are having trouble hearing commands. 

Alan Jones, Defaidty, scored 402 points producing a good run with Spot. Last to run before lunch, Michael Shearer and Jim scored 399. 

Bob Harland retired in the brace with Flash and Laddie. There were three completed doubles runs, from Kevin Evans, Ned O'Keeffe and Peter Martin. We await the scores to see who is the 2016 brace champion.

Before the brace, the Wilkinson Sword was presented. ISDS chairman Jim Easton presented the sword to Alistair Gilchrist's son, Michael. Alistair sadly died in May.

The singles resumed with a completed run from Medwyn Evans and Meg. The sun is breaking through the clouds and it is getting quite warm.

Today's brace scores were: Kevin Evans, 355; Bob Harland, RET; Ned O'Keeffe, 342; Peter Martin, 370. 

Therefore, Julie Hill is the 2016 brace champion with her score of 411 points.

Three of this morning's runs qualified for the Supreme, followed by a flurry of successful runs this afternoon. There are three handlers with two dogs each in the final - Kevin Evans, Ricky Hutchinson and Medwyn Evans.


The team competition was won by Wales with a score of 4,528 points.

Scotland scored 4,082; England scored 3,901; Ireland scored 3,833.


The top 15 from the qualifying round, in order of scores, are:

1, run 1, Kevin Evans, Preseli, Ci, 405;

2, run 45, A.Ll. Jones, Spot, 402;

3, run 48, Michael Shearer, Jim, 399;

4, run 9, Ross Games, Roy, 399;

5, run 53, Kelvin Broad, Kinloch Levi, 395;

6, run 20, Mosse Magnusson, Myllin Davey, 391;

7, run 6, Ben Smith, Ben, 391;

8, run 22, Ricky Hutchinson, Jock, 391;

9, run 33, Kevin Evans, Kemi Ross, 387;

10, run 49, Medwyn Evans, Meg, 382;

11, run 55, James McCloskey, Sweep, 376;

12, run 57, Medwyn Evans, Mac, 376;

13, run 51, Martin Feeney, Jack, 375;

14, run 59, James McLaughlin, Dan, 372;

15, run 50, Ricky Hutchinson, Sweep, 372.

The Supreme will be run in catalogue order.


This year's brace champions, Julie Hill with Mac and Ban. Julie was running her doubles pair for the last time before she retires them. PICTURES: Lisa Soar

Alan Jones, Defaidty, and Spot were the overall runners-up in the qualifying round.

The Wilkinson Sword was awarded posthumously to Alistair Gilchrist. It was presented to his son, Michael, by ISDS chairman Jim Easton.

Sophie Holt prepares for her run with Hybeck Blake.

Ricky Hutchinson and Sweep at the pen.

James McCloskey's Sweep.

Ian Brownlie and Mo.

Kelvin Broad's Kinloch Levi.

Welsh captain, Medwyn Evans and Mac.

Martin Feeney and Jack.

James McLaughlin and Dan.

Sam Kelsey, of Tywyn, and his cousins Daniel, John and Ted Atkinson, of Wrexham, enjoyed the dispaly of vintage tractors.

There were patches of wet ground underfoot after last night's rain, but it was welcomed by some!