Day 1 - Qualifying

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It is the first day of the 2016 International sheepdog trial, with the qualifying round getting underway at 8am. Trialling is taking place under grey skies with a cool breeze coming off the sea.

The course is flat, with the hills beyond the course providing a beautiful backdrop. The drive is left-handed. The sheep are working well, with the first couple of packets being particularly good. 

The singles judges are Wyn Edwards (Wales), Derek Scrimgeour (England), Pat Byrne jnr (Ireland), and Andy Carnegie (Scotland). There are 32 singles runs to be completed today.

Kevin Evans was first to run with Preseli Ci (331679) and they posted a score of 405 - as yet unmatched.

Currently in second place are Ross Games and Roy. Roy (309624) is the sire of Kevin's two-year-old Preseli Ci.


There were two completed brace runs today. Currently in the lead is Julie Hill with Mac and Ban on a score of 411. 

Gethin Jones, running Fran and Maddie, scored 326. There will be another four brace runs tomorrow to conclude the championship.

This year's brace judges are: Emyr Lloyd (Wales); Mike Northwood (England); Eamon McAuley (Ireland); and George Simpson  (Scotland).


The sheep behaved consistently all day. On the whole they held well at the top of the field. Some packets could split on the first drive and they could get a little tetchy at the pen.

One re-run was awarded to Peter Wood and Freebirch Sue. 

The weather was dry for most of the day, apart from a heavy shower while Ray Edwards and Brad were at the post. The forecast rain started as trialling came to an end and heavy rain is expected overnight.


At the end of day one the top runners were:

1, Kevin Evans, Preseli Ci, 405;

2, Ross Games, Roy, 399;

3, Mosse Magnusson, Myllin Davey, 391, OLF 187;

4, Ben Smith, Ben, 391, OLF 180;

5, Ricky Hutchinson, Jock, 391, OLF 168;

6, G.L. Jones, Roy, 371;

7, Neil Campbell, Cass, 364;

8, Angie Driscoll, Kinloch Pippi, 363;

9, JamesMcLaughlin, Lyn, 358

10, Michael Hastings, Meg, 356, OLF 166;

11, Ed Hawkins, Gipping Valley Troy, 356, OLF 146;

12, Michael Gallagher, Flo, 352;

13, Gethin Jones, Maddie, 351;

14, Aled Owen, Llangwm Cap, 349;

15, Llyr Evans, Zac, 348.


Currently in the top 15 there are:

7 Welsh team members;

3 English team members;

3 Irish members;

2 Scottish members.


Kevin Evans and Preseli Ci scored 405 points with the first run of the 2016 International and they held the lead all day. PICTURES: Lisa Soar

Ross Games and Roy ran at number 9 and scored 399, currently in second place at the end of day one.
Ben Smith's Ben on his way to scoring 391 points on day one.
Ricky Hutchinson calls Jock in to take the single and to complete their run on a score of 391.
Ed Hawkins and Gipping Valley Troy were second to run. They completed the course to score 356.
Julie Hill competing in the brace with Mac and Ban. She is currently in the lead on 411 points.




View of the 2016 International trial field.
The view from the lift post for the qualifying rounds.
The sheep grazing the field on Thursday afternoon.